Healthy Halloween Cheatsheet

Fall is well underway and it’s officially the start of the holiday season!

This time of year is magical and exciting, but for myself and many others it definitely can come with health and dietary concerns.

Halloween is basically synonymous with sugar. Be it halloween pastries, pumpkin spice everything, or the 600 millions pounds of candy that are consumed in America every year, avoiding sugar can be a tough task.

To help put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of five scary easy, helpful hints to having a happy and healthy Halloween.

Having a healthy Halloween doesn’t have to be a headache. Use these simples tips to avoid struggling.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Candy is nearly impossible to avoid this time of year. It seems like everyone suddenly has a bowl of candy on their desk, counter, or table; we’re all guilty of it.

If you struggle to keep your hands out of the candy bowl throughout the day, nutritionists suggest to keep candy in an opaque rather than clear bowl or jar. Even better is to keep the candy out of reach. When candy is out of reach, you’re half as likely to eat it.

There’s even science to back it up.


Try Not to Let the Holidays Spook You

It’s no secret that as wonderful as this time of year can be, it can also be very stressful. Stress and anxiety can cause all sorts of issues including lack of sleep, and overeating.

Try to put extra effort into your self care and not let stress get the best of you. Battle holiday anxiety by really taking the time to realize blessings and be grateful.


Slow Down

Nutritionists and dietitians agree that taking the time to slowly and mindfully indulge in your treats leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. This goes for sweet treats, drinks, and holiday meals. You’ll feel better mentally and physically, as opposed to scarfing your food down.


Stop Slurping Up Sugar

It’s not just our food that gets more sugary during the holiday season, but our drinks do as well. Spiked ciders, chocolaty beverages, and PSL are just a few decadent Fall classics.

While certainly delicious these drinks can be hundreds of calories. Try to be extra attentive to the nutritional information of what you’re drinking. Choose options that are lower in calories and sugar content.

One yummy fall drink that’s low in calories is a classic chai tea latte made with almond or skim milk. Additionally, make any fall latte ‘skinny’ at any coffee shop by subbing out the syrup for sugar-free syrup and the milk for skim or a lower calorie dairy-free milk.


Bake Better

When baking Halloween treats at home, nutrition is often the last thing on our minds. Thankfully, there are some simple, healthy substitutions you can make while keeping your treats delicious

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • apple sauce or pumpkin puree
  • stevia, natural sweeteners such as honey or agave, or simply use reduced quantities
  • skim, low-fat, almond or soy

There’s hundreds of healthy recipe ideas out there, here’s a cute blog post with some of my personal favorites.

This time of year should be a fun and relaxing time to spend with your family. At the end of the day, try not to let diet concerns overshadow the joy, and if you find yourself worrying too much, remember these simples tips to having the healthiest Halloween ever!

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